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Rachel Carson Thesis Award

Application for 2025

Foto above: awards 2023, Patricia de Cocq, jury, Rik Buiting, hbo-winner, Lotte Top, wo-winner, Judith Veraart, VVM.


  Rachel Carson Afstudeerprijs 2025 - Application form

Complete the form below to apply as a participant for the Rache Carson Thesis Award and send us the following documents by email to uaerub.[antispam].@vvm.info:

  • thesis / graduation project
  • assessment form, incl. final grade for thesis as such (process, presentation etc. do not count)
  • letter of recommendation by supervisor
  • for confidential work: guarantee of public access

For large files you can use https://wetransfer.com.

As soon as we have received all documents and the application form, we will notify you by email.

We wish you good luck and we thank you for your participation!

If you have any questions about participation, don't hesitate to contact us via uaerub.[antispam].@vvm.info 
You can also call: +31 (0)30 - 232 29 89


Application form 2025


Please note: all fields marked with an * are mandatory.


Please note: Only HBO bachelor and WO master submissions from Dutch colleges of higher education and universities are allowed compete.


Beveiligingscode Beveiligingscode


Rachel Carson Afstudeerprijs in brief:

Award for HBO (higher education) theses and projects en WO theses (university)

graded with at least an 8,0 between July 1st, 2023 en November 25th, 2024

Prize fund

a maximum of € 500,-


by December 1st, 2025 at the latest using the application form on this website.

What to send (please note: criteria may still change)

  • thesis / graduation project
  • assessment form of thesis, showing the grade for the thesis as such
  • letter of recommendation by supervisor       


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      uaerub.[antispam].@vvm.info / 030 - 232 29 89