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Congres: NCGG9: 9th International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases

woensdag 21 juni 2023 t/m vrijdag 23 juni 2023


Non-CO2 greenhouse gases include many substances, such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), fluorocarbons (CFCs, HFCs, SF6, etc), black carbon, aerosols, and tropospheric ozone (O3). These contribute significantly to climate forcing. Reducing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions is often more cost-effective than reducing CO2 emissions.


We are inviting you to send proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions or posters/exhibits. Please send your abstract of 200-250 words in English to office@ncgg.info.


Registration is open! 

More information on https://www.ncgg.info/.